Looking for Snail mail, Pen Pals, Art Pals or Package Pals!


Hello! My name is Ana Cristina Garcia Gonzalez De Rueda Amen Mandia. I am 21 years old and I am a Libra. I live in Lakewood California, but have lived all over the US, Spain and traveled around Europe. I am a Junior in College and am pursuing a degree in International Public Relations. 

I am interested in Creative Writing, Calligraphy, Travel, Cosplay, Anime, Rollerblading/skating, Vinyls, Beards, and a lot more. 

I am interested in people who share similar interests and I am up for anyone. 

I speak fluent Spanish so I can work with that as well. 

I would like snail mail and to send little gifts at times. I’m not picky to gender or age, but to be able to write to a guy for a change would be nice too.  

Thank you cuties!

Contact – anakrystin.tumblr.com/

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