Hey my names louis (lou-ee) or lou for short. Im 17 and from the USA.

Interest/hobbies: I do photography, and write short stories. Currently writing a book about my life, i play the ukulele and curently starting a youtube channel.

Tv shows/movies: my favorite movie is “The Titanic ” followed by Bambi . My top favorite tv shows are(in no particular order); (newer version)90210, switched at birth, jane the virgin, Greys Anatomy

Facts about me: Im hard of hearing, i know sign language, Im a FTM transguy , i love animals which means i have lots of pets

Interested in being pen pals with anyone of any gender or sexuality from ages 14-22 , who wants to send letters back and fourth including pictures , art , little gifts for each other, someone who i can become very close friends with(:

Kik: pompom_pomegranate
Email: smslolcookie@gmail.com
(Iv had the email since I was 10 dont laugh)

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