I’m Brittany, and I’m 19 years old. I live in North Carolina, USA. I’m a part time deli associate at Food Lion, and I have 2 cats named Piglet and Scarface. 

My dream is to go to college for interior design, and I had an internship with an interior designer for my senior project in high school. Any chance I get, I am buying things to decorate my house.

I am looking for snail mail pals and art pals.

You can contact me at sirensinreverse @  
OR my Tumblr:

  • Some of my likes are art, cats, subscription boxes, different cultures, interior design, cooking shows, music, cute stuff, learning new things, crochet, getting new art supplies, craft stores, cooking, baking, shopping, mac and cheese, and documentaries.
  • At work I have started to learn how to decorate cupcakes and cakes, and I am very excited to learn more. 
  • I’ve always wanted to travel to another country…especially Korea because I love k-pop, and learning about asian culture. The farthest I have traveled is New York. 
  • Some of my favorite TV shows are Cupcake Wars, Cake Boss, Cuthroat Kitchen, Chopped, Supernatural, Ink Master, Law and Order: SVU, Bob’s Burgers, Gotham, Teen Wolf, Catfish, Bar Rescue, The 100, Terra Nova, and Bones

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