I’m Daniella, I’m 17, and from California.

I am a lover of books, tea, art, learning, analogue photography, contemporary embroidery, collage, botany, gardening, the ocean, travel, architecture, interior design, and baking.

I recently returned home after a semester studying abroad in Israel. I’m looking for a few penpals, hopefully international (but the US is ok too), to continue learning about new cultures, I am also just fascinated with the nostalgia and complexity of other people’s lives. 

You absolutely don’t have to enjoy creating your own art but I would really love to do some art or photo exchanges! I am also a frequent vintage shop and flea market visitor, and would love to send cool ephemera in letters, or other fun things. I am mostly looking for someone who will put a little effort into their letters, as I’d really love for this to be really fun and sweet. 

I am in a long term relationship and only looking for friends, preferably female. (Sorry, I don’t mean to offend, I’m just more comfortable that way.) 

Please email me at djw921@gmail.com

Or message me; tulipbub.tumblr.com!


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