Looking for new friends


Hi I’m Aliecha and from the Netherlands. I’am currently 20 year old female (turning 21 in June)

I’m mainly looking for just some new people to talk to. I love pen palling so I’m totally open to that, but just emailing, chatting or anything I’m up for! 


  • Disney: I really love Disney and it has a special place in my heart
  • Other animation movies and animation like things. I watch a lot of cartoons and my favorites are Adventure Time and Avatar & The Legend of Korra. I also watch anime
  • Music: I listen to quite some genres. I listen to KPop, rock, indie and just a lot. I’m always open for new music
  • Funko Pop’s: I have an obsession for these things and have a small (growing) collection
  • TV-series: The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones etc.
  • Books: I read a lot of books, mostly fantasy.

What I’am looking for:

  • I’m looking to talk to someone between 16 and 25
  • I would love to do Snail Mail and maybe at some point exchange gifts of our country’s or something. 
  • But just new friends would be amazing! 

Please contact me if your intrested! 
My tumblr is: sakura-bunny.tumblr.com/

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