Hey there my beautiful amazing souls , Well, let me introduce myself, My names Lina. I am 23 years old . I’m from Illinois, US although im only 23 I have an old soul. (wondering what this means , ask me) 

Whether your Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Catholic, Atheists, or just Spiritual or not religious at all it doesn’t matter to me. I’m accepting all penpals from all races, all over the world, all religion, height, weight, shoe size, chocolate loving, chocolate hating, free spirit, non free spirit, gays, lesbians, transgender, queer, fluid, cat or dog. Anyone you name it I’m accepting you all. Im not a creep lol I just love people, I love meeting new people and learning about who they are and their backgrounds. I just love making new friends.

So if your interested please send me a message.

follow me on 
IG : ayolinaaa_
Email : ayoprincesslina @ gmail. com

**Message me on tumblr and ask me for details on how to send me a handwritten letter. I love writing handwritten letters.**

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