Name: Aleda


: USA-Kentucky

Introduction: I’m Aleda, 21, tattooed and thinking about going to school for bartending.. I live in a very small town where tattoos, red lipstick and black eyeliner (my usual look) is typically frown upon but I do it anyways because that’s what I love. I’ve submitted to this site before and had really good luck meeting a lot of great pen pals, I’m hoping to do the same this time. I’m fairly new to tumblr and honestly have no idea what I’m doing but would love if someone could teach me. Haha.

Age, Gender and Location does not matter to me, I like getting to know everybody.

Likes: Tattoos, Horror Movies, Art, Adventures, Hiking, Camping, Animals, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Four Wheeling, Halloween, Batman, Loot Crate, Ipsy..

Dislikes: Bugs

Email: aleda929 @

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