looking for a german speaking penpal


seattle queer here 

  • looking for a penpal to practice german with. 
  • ich lerne deutch and i need someone to chat with! 
  • i’m a very very beginner so it’s gotta be slow-going. as a side note, i’m a good pen pal, very creative, and love an art-penpal-ship so if that happens i’d be happy too! looking for snail mail, or email connections.

my name is andrea, i’m 26 (aries sun libra moon), in seattle, wa us. 

looking for folks, variety of age and gender is fine, would love to connect with other queers, femmes, DIY nerds, etc.

would be happy to have a penpal from berlin, because in a few years i’d like to go there! 

email me at anj7676 @ yahoo.com

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