First name: Lucia

Age: 18

Location: Germany

Languages I speak: German, English, Chinese

Email/Tumblr: http://give-me-a-life-no-jutsu.tumblr.com/

Books/Films/TV Shows/music I like: MY favourite book is The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, pretty much the only book I’ve read more than once. I like a lot of different shows, I watch GOT, Hannibal, Sherlock and others like Tokyo Ghoul or some Anime. Sometimes find myself watching Kdrama haha, don’t ask. Love watching movies in the evening and just hanging out by myself sometimes. I mostly watch action movies, for example from the Marvel Universe or Ninja Assassin, but I’m always open for new stuff.

Other interests: I love painting, although I haven’t had much time lately, it’s still one of my favourite things to do, have been doing it since I was small.   I also enjoy singing, however everyone I know will tell you I sing like “a dying whale”. In my free time I usually read a book, watch movies, meet friends, play playstation or study Chinese. I came back from my 5 month long stay in Beijing about a month ago. In Beijing I was learning Chinese and I can pretty much talk and write Chinese now, however I haven’t even been speaking Chinese lately, so I’m noticing that my Chinese is lacking a lot compared to before. I’m also very interested in Art, I’m considering studying Art or Culture sciences (is that how you call it in English??), but umm I still have no exact clue what to do.

Forgot abut music. I used to be only into hardcore and post-hardcore, but I listen to almost everything…rock, alternative, edm, pop, kpop, hiphop, just depends on my mood really.

What I would like in a Tumblr Buddy 

It would be great if you spoke Chinese, because it would be amazing to write and maybe even talk in Chinese, you know, exchanging about our interests and just having fun, it’s not that I wanna study with someone. I don’t care about gender or location or anything. You should just be above 17, I guess. Although it really doesn’t matter, I’m just looking for someone interesting and nice haha. 

Even if you don’t speak Chinese, I still wanna find friends to talk to! Speaking

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