I’m Priawhwan, 19 from Thailand. You can call me pw. My name means sour and sweet. 

My e-mail is pw_bazinga@hotmail.com 

I basically collect postcard. I’m looking for snail mail. It can be anyone from anywhere who wants to chat.We can exchange drawing. I send package but I don’t do that so often. You can ask me if you want to. I’d love to give advice on anything but only though e-mail, tumblr, or instant message. If you curious about any of these, you can ask me on my tumblr as well. It’s stolenbliss.tumblr.com 

I study design. It isn’t cool like its sound trust me. I speak Thai yeah I’m a native and English. I like music a lot! My dream goal is to watch Arctic Monkeys and the 1975 live. I really want to go to US and UK. I also love singing. I can randomly sing at you. I like reading and watch movie. Peter Pan and Scooby Doo are my favourite. I like any kind of cartoon and comic. I have cat but I want to pet turtle and giraffe. I do write online fiction though. Oh and I love Sherlock, The big bang theory, awkward, GrimmPercy Jackson. I honestly will hold conversations about pretty much anything.

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