Hello!! My name is Holly and I am 17 years old 🙂 I live in the UK in a city called Bristol (where they filmed skins if that helps).

I love drawing and designing things as well as wasting my time on the internet 😉 I spend a lot of time making things that are nice but NOT what I should be doing! 😉 I am a proud feminist and I also campaign for equality causes in other areas such as race, sexuality and religion (society needs to pull itself together!) I love to travel and hopefully after finishing my a levels I will go inter railing with a group of friends! I am a vegetarian, I love to spend my time on tumblr and I am obsessed with rookie magazine!!  I spend my time hanging out with friends as well as going to drama clubs and attending art exhebitions. 🙂

I study Art, Drama and Biology at the moment at my college and in the future I would love to pursue a career in art or drama! 

I love to listen St. Vincent as well as Rat boy, The Stone roses, The Specials and Jaime T!

I love watching films! Recent films I have liked have been DopeMe, Earl and the Dying girl and Song of the Sea. My all time favourites include Submarine (I adore Richard Ayoade), The Grand Budapest Hotel, Little Miss Sunshine and My neighbour Totoro!

I am a massive whovian and have been from a very young age 🙂 as well as doctor who I love tv in general such as sherlock, peep show, it crowd, utopia, the mighty boosh and much more!! ( I am super into comedy shows)

Call me basic but my favourite books series is Harry Potter! there is some nostalgic connection I have with the books that just takes me back to my childhood! My favourite book of all time is The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy!! I also love reading graphic novels – one I read recently that I particularly liked was called ‘super mutant magic academy’, I know it sounds silly but it is honestly amazing! imagine a x-men style magic school where everybody has tumblr attitudes 🙂

I would love to get to know another person living in a different country to me and message them or send them snail mail! Such as little gifts and art I have made! 🙂 Get in contact if you are interested!

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