seventeen yr old looking for snail mail buddies


Chantelle, seventeen, england!

Interests: adventuring, English literature(huge English geek !!!), body fitness/improvement, fundraising, sleeping(loml), indie/rock/alternative/pop-punk music, procrastination(as per usual), body posi/ positive vibes! 

The ‘perfect penpal’… someone who is aged between 15-19, both male and female! I don’t care where you’re from, as long as you’re cool with sending snail-mail to eachother and willing to keep that regular! 

Contact information! 
If you’re interested in becoming penpals/snail-mail buddies, don’t hesitate to email me! ( ) 
You can follow me on Instagram ( chantellechloex ) too and direct message me (i’ll be able to reply quicker in that case!)

Any other information: 
In the future, i’m hoping to exchange small gifts or items as a way to gain knowledge/understanding of culture! 

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