Me: Part-time medicine stocker, full-time waitress. I clean constantly and love it. I live on 6 acres of forest in an old welding warehouse. My family built a loft on top of it so my house is 80% garage and 20% house. My newest interest is making terrariums and lawn art (specifically with plants); I pick up different DIY kinda things constantly. I live with my boyfriend, Kris, who is a climbing arborist (lumberjack in simple terms) and our corgi, Koda. I’m a videogame junkie. I primarily play PC and mixed consoles but mostly retro. 

Be prepared, I’ll chat about everything with my snail mail buddies.

Name: Jareth
Age: 19
Gender: Female and born female
Language(s): English, Wants to improve German or learn Korean
Location: PNW, USA

Interests & hobbies: Zumba, Writing, Polls, Binging TV, Hiking, Drawing. I’m very ambitious and always seeking new things.

Likes: Any HBO show, Dresses, High-Waisted Shorts, Stationery, Dogs, Gels Pens, Books, The pop of opening a pickle jar.

Dislikes: When people mix peanut butter into the jelly & vice-versa, Wearing bottoms (real talk, dude), All presidential candidates, SIAMESE CATS. 

What I wish for in a pen pal: Snail Mail. I’m looking for a female (males welcome too) penpal who’d like, trade books with me or try new artistic things. Trade photos of OOTDs. I am looking for someone life-long. I’ll accept who you are regardless of similar interests or not! Thus I haven’t posted any favorites.

How to contact

Random Fact About Me: My cousin is Joseph Reohm. He is a little (or maybe now widely) known magician on Sci-Fi. He has been on The Illusionists, Fake Off, Wizard Wars, etc. 

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