Heya! I’m Lucy,I’m currently 20 years old (December birthday) and I’m looking for an American pen pal who is over 18 just so they’re around the same age as me.
I’d love to talk to someone about American culture and politics and get to know what kind of things they’re interested and maybe send them little things that I think they’ll find fun. I currently study Product Design in Huddersfield.

Things I like:

– Playing in jazz bands and brass bands
– The history of design language
– Cats!
– Cider
– Trying new cheeses
– TV shows like Being Human, The (American) Office, Supernatural etc
– Politics and social activism

Things I don’t like:

– Olives
– That’s about it

Anyway, if you’d like to chat to me and talk about becoming pen pals then please send me a message at lucymclarke@hotmail.co.uk (I also have a website that I’m working on)

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