Hi, I’m Naomi, 23, from England. I’m doing a Masters degree, im in a LTR, I’m a dog person, I write YA fiction and short stories, I’m a lifelong bargain hunter/cheapskate. Also recently recovered from a brief bout of depression. I’m looking for someone kind-hearted, unconventional and funny to vent about my life to, and who wants to do the same with me. Also to discuss love/life as a twenty something/spiritual and existential stuff. Even better if you have different perspectives to teach me about. You can be from anywhere in the world, aged 21 – 29.

I’m into social justice/equality and looking at new ways of doing things (I like talking about class, race, gender, being more eco friendly). I’m open minded and always try to see both sides of an argument. I have a really dorky/silly/childish sense of humour. I’m an INTP Scorpio.

My other interests are roller skating, volleyball, watching stand-up, going out clubbing (I rarely drink though, I’m all about the dancing), natural hair and beauty, blogging, collecting crop tops, tarot and horoscopes, battling a Buzzfeed addiction, reading about religion/theology/spirituality (I’m toying with the idea of becoming Christian somewhere down the line), and learning Spanish, but its ok if you don’t share all of these.

Don’t watch many shows except sometimes Undateables, First Dates, My Mad Fat Diary, Bojack Horseman, Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Adventure Time. Fave youtubers are Grace F Victory, Evelyn from the Internets, Miles Jai, Wheezy Waiter.

Musically, I like a bit of everything. Right now I’m listening to Bjork, Whitney Houston, Fleet Foxes, Korn, Azealia Banks, Portishead, Angie Stone, Flatbush Zombies, and Alina Baraz, but generally I like funky house, old school garage, neo soul, shoegaze, dance music, and bachata.

My one true loves are mac n’ cheese and cheesecake.

But enough about me! Get in touch if you think we’d get on :3 ny.j@hotmail.co.uk

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