Lets be friends =)


Hello my name is Taryn 😀 I am a student in Iowa, US and currently studying Veterinary Medicine with Mircorbiology. I grew up in Florida and have been all up and down the east coast haha.

I am looking for some friends from around the world. I can speak French, and Dutch, so if you can speak those languages and feel like chatting with me that would be lovely <3

A huge dream of mine is to travel the world so I would love to hear from just about anyone haha.

I am nineteen so people around my age would be great (18-25).


  1. Anime ( Sailor Moon and Naruto were the two shows that got me into it, so they’re my favorites) like Tokyo Ghoul, One Punch Man, Death Note, FMA, and so on.
  2. Books
  3. Disney (Guess who got into the college program for Disney haha)
  4. Video games, I am a big pc gamer. I love games like League of Legends, Outlast, minecraft and so on.
  5. Youtube, I watch a lot of youtubers that range from Tyler Oakley to Markiplier and everything in between haha
  6. Music, I can read it, I’ve been a part of choir and I just enjoy listening to. My favorite genres are rock and alternative, and I do love the oldies as well.

According to the MBTI I am an INFJ and I am a fellow ravenclaw at your service.

I love netflix too. and I would like to have snail mail but at this current moment I would prefer emails until I can get settled into my new place which will be in May.

Thanks y’all!

Oh, almost forgot.
the fastest way to contact me is by email: 
tnmoore @ iastate . edu

It’s connected to my original gmail so don’t worry too much about it. And through facebook, once I get comfortable with you, trust me I answer facebook way faster then my email haha.

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