Looking for a friend


Name: Anthea

Place: The Netherlands

Age: 20 years old. 

Hello! I’m looking for someone to become friends with through snail mail. I’m a chemistry student (love science). Studying takes a lot of my time and stresses me out easily. 

When I have some free time, I like to read, be creative (I’m not really good in those things, but I enjoy it very much) or do some yoga. I also like cooking, which isn’t always easy since I have to eat gluten free and I’m a vegan. Also love watching movies and series, with the company of a cup of tea. By the way, I collect tea flavors. As well as old books (mostly second hand, or thirth hand, fourth hand?), vinyl (but my record player broke, so it’s kind of pointless at this moment). And without knowing, I started a collection of notebooks. I like to write and draw in these. But I’m too organized to have just one to write in, every notebooks must have it’s own theme (happy-notebook, sad-notebook, draw-book, diary, and a lot more). Here are some other things I LOVE: 


  • Old music (currently in love with Simon and Garfunkel)
  • Literature (only dutch and english book though)
  • Colourfull things
  • Dressing all black
  • Knitting and sewing
  • Hamsters (I have a sweety called Joplin)

If you’re interested in getting to know me, please contact me. I’m looking for someone around my age to snail mail with. I love sending handwritten letters and small gifts. 

You can mail me at
anthea-tiesma @ hotmail . com
(without the spaces obviously)

Hugs and kisses, Anthea

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