Hey, my name is Chelsea and I’m from Perry, Maine (US). I’m currently studying International Business Management and Entrepreneurship.


  • reading romance and fantasy
  • Tattoos (don’t have any but love the how they look
  • cute animals
  • metal music
  • anime
  • drawing
  • dark humor 
  • poetry


  • drama
  • bullies

Looking for in a penpal: Just friends since I’m in a relationship.

  • Age: 20-25 
  • Gender: Doesn’t matter 
  • Likes some of the same stuff I do
  • Someone who isn’t afraid to be different
  • It would be amazing if they were from another country. 
    • Definitely can be from the US.
  • Can send email, text, snail mail, small packages, snapchat (once I download it again)
  • Would love to send pictures and small trinkets.

WARNING: I am a full time collage student with a part time job and an internship. If we snail mail it might take me some time to respond. Once the summer starts I will have more time I promise!!!

Feel free to contact me on here at
chelsea.dupee @ gmail. com

if you’re interested!!!

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