Hello I’m Eli, I’m 19 and I live in Ireland, but I’m originally from America

I’m currently looking for a texting buddy/snapchat buddy to just talk about whatever with and mess around and enjoy each others company, and maybe send snail-mail with 🙂

Bit about me: I was born and raised in america, i lived up north most of my life but also lived down south for a bit. I moved to Ireland when I was 12 years old, I currently work full time as a barista and I’m going to be starting college this fall

Things I like: space, tea and coffee, photography, video games, legend of zelda, tattoos, music, playing instruments, movies, marvel, the walking dead, and petting other peoples dogs

I’m an open book, we can talk about how our days went, or why we’re not looking forward to tomorrow, or just goofing off and messing around and sending funny snapchats back and forth and texting about life until 4am. And eventually if we become good enough friends we can send letters and stuff to each other too. I’m a really honest person and I’m really open as well. And I must warn you I reply embarrassingly fast sometimes.

Fun fact (s?) 

  • I’ve been struck by lightning
  • I passed Harry Styles on my way to work

Anyways, contact me through messaging my tumblr:

hope to hear back!

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