Hey! I’m Leticia, 22 years old from Argentina, Buenos Aires.

I was born in Argentina but I also have Italian citizenship, and speak English and Spanish; I’d love to learn Italian and German as well.

I study Literary and Scientific Translation at University and totally love reading; anything: Harry Potter series, for example, any dystopian or futuristic novel, Murakami -I LOVE Murakami-, Faulkner, etc. I study Literature and I am very interested in learning and keep reading novels from English Literature, also essays and I love literary criticism. (so nerd haha)

Of course, series and movies! Totally in love with Hannibal and Game of Thrones.

I also love eating healthy, a bit of everything actually, trying to cook new things everyday, but I’m not obsessed… sometimes we all need a little chocolate, pizza, ice cream or some fries, don’t we?

I love practising crossfit and any physical activity. I totally love moving, walking and exploring (and biking too!).

My tastes in music are wide, but I’m a really big fan of Oasis, and also Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes. So if you’re a madferit I’d loooooove to talk to you.

I’m looking for penpals, mostly email or chat pals now, who can exchange stories, life situations and talk about anything. I want to know how you live, to learn something from you and your culture, the place where you live, your lifestyle and your passions.

We can use facebook, whatsapp, email, skype!

Send me a message tumblr or an email: mleticia.marti@gmail.com

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