Hellooo! My name is Katie, and I’m currently in California, US. I’m 17 years old and a senior in high school. 

I am moving soon into a hotel for a few months, and when I say soon I mean like this coming Monday. So right now I am more looking for someone that I can chat with for a bit before I am able to send a letter! 

I am hoping to find someone 16-20, either male or female, from pretty much anywhere!

I will send you:

  • letters (obviously)
  • doodles and drawings
  • handmade gifts tailored to you
  • boxes and packages
  • photos/postcards if you want?

I am into:

  • people
  • Harry Potter (like a lot tbh)
  • musicals
  • succulents
  • other nerdy stuff (doctor who, marvel, psychology, a few video games)
  • dogs
  • tea

I go to conventions and am trying to get more into cosplay, I’ve only done one really good one so far, but I’m planning more!

You can contact me at my tumblr

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