Hi I’m Alex. I’m 20. 

I live in Lima Peru, I can speak spanish, italian and english. I’m currently studying advertising. I like watching anime (thou I haven’t a lot for a while but I love some like Tokyo Ghoul and Ao Haru Ride ) and tv series like Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother and many others. I really spend most of my time watching Netflix. 

I also love tea, candles, cats and Taylor Swift. My cat is named by her and I have two dogs too, Loki and Chiara 🙂

I love listening to music, any kind. And I love singing.

And to take pictures, mostly of places and animals. (i really love polaroids too). 

I really love writing too, and sometimes I even do little poems. 

And well that’s just a little of my I hope to meet new people here from all around the world 🙂 (if you want to know anything more just ask ^^ )

You can contact me through tumblr: galaxies-of-stardust.tumblr.com 

Or through my mail: alexandra.cubasg@gmail.com

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