Hello. I’m Jasmine. I’ve had quite the 18 years here in small town Kentucky (U.S.) and I’d love to share them with you.

I’m looking for someone around the age of 16-22 that speaks English and is preferably in the U.S, but if not, hey, whatever. I’m looking for someone interested in being e-mail/texting/messaging/snapchat buddies, whichever of those you prefer. (I’m currently too busy to take on any more snail mail)

My likes include photography, snow, coffee, sad books, a very eclectic music taste, the color blue, piercings, tattoos, drawing, painting, puzzles, sharpies, watching the same movies over and over, and well, over, poetry, quotes, taking everything too personally, sour candy, and Kristen Stewart’s facial expressions.

Interesting facts:

  • I’m adopted. 
  • I’m bisexual but no one knows that (Lol, now they do.)
  • I have such a thing for nicknames, I’ll probably give you one.

I love controversial topics about, I’m super accepting, and we can talk about anything from how your day went to why you’re not sure if you even want to see a tomorrow – as straightforward as that may be.

Basically, I’m just looking for someone to share all the crazy things that come and go through me head with, so feel free to contact me on my blog
or you can e-mail me at
jasminem0120 @ gmail. com

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