Hola! My name is Miriam and I’m 19 but I’ll turn 20 in August. I’m from Spain and I’m looking for pen pals all around the world, I want to meet new people, their countries and culture. I can speak spanish (as my mother language), english and a little bit of french.

Well, I’m studying law at college my interests are 

  • reading (I love books, every book, but some of my favourites are: Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejuicie, Romeo and Juliet, borthers grimm’s tales, Hamlet…)
  • listening music (I can listen every type, and I play the piano)
  • I like to draw so we can exchange drawings (I draw mostly superheroes because I’m really a huge fan of them, but I can’t pick one as my favourite)
  • Mmm…what else…I’m huge fan of comics, my soulmate is Harley Quinn (I cosplayed her like three times) 
  • hahahaha I also like see TV series like OUAT, GoT, Flash, Criminal minds, etc. 
  • I love writing, it’s a way to free myself
  • I like cooking too, I’m a great chef ^^ so if you want to, we can exchange recipes. 
  • I have two dogs, their names are Pitu and Athena, I really like greek mythology. 
  • I realley enjoy tea, I’m in love with my teacup from Disney World a special tea from Wonderland hahaha I also love candles, when I study in my room there’s a lot of them. 
  • I like to take photos but I don’t have so much time (and my camera is so simple hahaha)

I don’t know what to say more hehehe if you want to know something specific, just ask

You can contact me at my tumblr: 
or my email miriamlehane @ me. com 

I reply very quick ^^ So don’t be shy and let’s get start to be pen pals!

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