hi hi !! i’m Serina and I live in New Jersey, US and i’m 18. i’m in my last year of high school and soon enough will be going to college, but since i don’t have a lot of work, i decided to try and find a tumblr messaging friend !! i’m usually on tumblr anyway since i have the app and i always wanted something similar to a pen pal

my interests are:

  • drawing or anything art related (which is what i plan to go to college for, fun fact)
  • languages (i learned German for like 5-6 years, but i’m started to forget some of it, English, and i’m currently teaching myself Japanese !! though i’d like to practice more with my Japanese, it doesn’t matter much to me if you don’t know it) 
  • games: animal crossing new leaf, tomodachi life, ace attorney, sims
  • anime (clearly stated by my blog)
  • i’m into most kinds of music (i used to be like a mega pop punk kid, but now i listen to random artists i find) but my particular fav of the moment is Amazarashi
  • deep conversations !! i’m always up for getting real deep

my dislikes are:

  • Donald Trump
  • close mindedness 

i’m willing to talk to anyone !! i love learning new things and hearing new opinions, no matter where you’re from !! my only request is that you consider being open minded and open to hearing new opinions as well and at least know a little English. i’m looking forward to it !!

you can message me on 
instagram – muzukashiii
or snapchat – anthraxxx 
(though i recommend tumblr or instagram)

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