Hi there! My name is Jessica and I’m 23 years old living in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

I’m looking for snail mail friends in the US or abroad. As long as you are over 18, I would love to write to you. My letters are 1-3 pages in length and I usually respond within three weeks. I understand that life gets hectic and a quick response isn’t always possible. I’m just looking for a genuine long-term friendship even if a few months pass between letters.

  • Hobbies: I enjoy reading, singing, attempting craft projects, target shooting, meditating/yoga, and crying over animals I can’t adopt.
  • Games: I love Sims 3. When I play Xbox, it’s usually Bioshock, Assassins Creed, Forza, or something like that. Gamertag: Simsicola
  • Music: I mostly listen to country music (much to everyone else’s dismay), but I will give just about anything a chance.
  • Movies: I usually watch animated movies and horror movies. Anything sci-fi usually catches my attention. I also love superhero movies. My favorites are The Orphanage and Tangled.
  • TV shows: I love Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Arrow, and The 100. I’ve been on a Netflix kick lately and have watched a bunch of new shows!
  • Books: I will read just about anything though I tend to choose young adult novels. I enjoy The Hunger Games and other dystopian novels, A Separate Peace, and The Book Thief. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of career and self-help books.
  • Other interests: Psychology (my college major), feminism, history, vegetarian cooking, the paranormal, animals, and painting my nails. I absolutely love learning so please tell me all about the things you know.

I would love a pen pal who is willing to talk about fun topics and daily ramblings but also interested in deep conversations about dealing with depression/anxiety or life in general. I’d also be open to texting/snapchat buddies as I am awful at all other kinds of communication.

If you are interested in exchanging letters, snapchat, or text
please email me at
walkerjr5 @
or message me on my tumblr:

I can’t wait to hear from you(:

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