Looking for friends and snail mail pals


Hello there ! Im Heather , 21, from ohio . I am looking for friends to exchange letters with, get to know , and maybe one day meet. Please be 18 and up. I want a friend whom I can talk too . Whos there and not too busy. I like anime , manga, neopets, newspapers, and writing . Reading, poertry , and books too. Id like to know about diffrent lives, but I can only handle 3 or 4 pen pals from usa and canada . I hope someone will show me rps too. I love neopets and my little pony. I am autistic , have depression, and face problems with anciety, ocd, and intrusuive thoughts. I need an understanding pen pal friend. I have a hectic life but ill do my best . I work twice a week. I hope we all make connections . Contact me via tumblr first : hissorrow22

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