Hey, my name is Amanda! I’m 18 years old and live in Virginia, USA.

I’m really only looking for friendship, someone I can confide in about what’s going on in my life and someone that can feel like they can do the same with me. I’m a very open minded, adventurous person. It would be pretty cool to find a pen pal outside of the USA but I’m happy to get anybody (: This will be my first pen pal experience and I’d like to message on tumblr or email first but I would love to eventually send letters.

I’ll be graduating high school soon and I’ll be going to college to be a psych major. I love to write. I love thunderstorms. I love to hike and go camping. I love to travel. I love to learn new things. I love to volunteer, I love all of the opportunities and experiences. I love meeting and getting to know people. I love to be who I am but sometimes I get a little nervous in real life and become shy! I love a lot of things.
I don’t really dislike much but I do really dislike negative, arrogant people.

So if you’re interested just contact me! I’m open to anyone. I’m not looking for a certain gender or race or anything like that. Maybe someone not too much older than me (like 17 to 21).

Tumblr: painted-it-black

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