HELLO WORLD;)))))))))))))))))


Hi I’m Gaia, I’m 18 and I live in Italy. 

I like art, I draw and I attend an art high school. I like tv shows (the big bang theory, scrubs, Dr.House, pretty little liars, chuck) and culture in general. I like to learn about new things because I feel that learning is one of the purposes of life. I like reading and roller/ice skating. I love music and I listen to lots of bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Red hot chilli peppers, Gorillaz, Green day and rock/indie in general.

I’m searching for a person who shares my interests, at least one of those written above. I want to communicate in english and I’d like to improve my abilities. I hope I can meet nice people with whom I can create a friendship bond.

Contact me at: gaiasmile97@hotmail.it

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