Hello! I think now I have to introduce myself, don’t I? Ohm, ok… we’ll see.

My name’s Raquel (which is translated Rachel), I’m 17 years old and I’m from Segovia, Spain

Now I’m studying 2º Bach, which is the last year before university. I would like to become a physicist and work in the CERN (even knowing it’s almost impossible)

I can talk spanish (obviously, hahaha), I think I’m a fluent english speaker (even when I write some mistakes, I’m still learning) and I can say a few words and phrases in French.

I’m looking for a penpal because I’d like to get to know other cultures and languages; and I’m not really a picky person if we’re talking about requirements to be my penpal. I’d like to get to know people from anywhere, doesn’t matter genre, age or interests, the only think I want is respectful and sincere people.   

My interests are mainly:

  • reading books (every kind of books: young adult, historical fiction, non fiction, spanish history books, classics… EVERYTHING!)
  • watch series and films
  • taking care of my pets (I have two dogs, they’re called Pierre, like Peter in French, and Oso, that is bear in Spanish)
  • playing handball (but I left my team the last year because I had a lot to study and we had to work out/train four times a week)
  • going out with my friends. 

I’m interested in arts, but I’d like to become a physicist and that is what I’m really passionate with. 

 I’d like to know if you’re interested in exchange emails with me. I’d like to  snailmail , but I think snailmail’s actually a very private thing and I’d like to get to know my penpal first. Hope you understand it.

Email: reicherrie @g mail. com

Hope you contact me soon. Bye!

Ps. I think i’ve not written anything wrong, but if something’s not ok please don’t judge me, I’m still learning! 😛

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