Name: Taylor 

Age: 20

Location: USA 

Likes: Anything about animals. Bobs Burgers, Game of Thrones, Toradora!, Rick and Morty, The Story So Far, Lorde, Bee and Puppycat, Studio Ghibli, nature, crystals, tea, anime, manga, disney, poetry, art, makeup, and learning new things. 

Dislikes: Trump, homophobia, racists, extreme pro-life, people that always feel the need to correct someones grammar/spelling, people who are ignorant about animals rights and/or believe wild animals should be pets.

A little about me: So I moved to a newish town with my boyfriend and I feel like I have a decent about of time on my hands but no one to talk to. I currently work at a veterinary hospital in the kennel/daycare and volunteer at a zoo I grew up with. Im also attending college. Im new to this and a bit shy so Im hoping to find someone out going or experienced in penpaling. I would prefer someone between 19-23. Im fine with emails, texting, and snail mail. I just want someone I can talk to about everything. 

Random fact: I had red hair for about 4 or 5 years and for my junior prom I wore a sea green dress. When my date and I went out to dinner a mother came and asked me if her daughter could say hello to us because she thought I was Ariel. Its probably the cutest thing thats ever happened to me. 

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