Searching for snail mail friends!


Hi! My names Sarah, 27 from the UK! 

I’m on the search for a long term pen pal to write to who is open minded and likes to share all aspects of there life and who doesn’t mind me rambling on and on about mine! And perhaps even exchange gifts, photos and art or anything else you may have in mind!

Gender and location isn’t important as long as we are of a similar age.

A little about me:

  • I enjoy being creative whenever possible be it doodling on receipts at work or decorating my mail or creating huge canvas paintings I adore painting an drawing an crafting! 
  • I enjoy reading and movies when I get the time. I’m quite open and enjoy a range of things from fantasy to drama to romance horrors you name it! At the moment I’m reading the maze runner series which isn’t usually the type of thing I’d choose but it was recommended to me and I’m enjoying it thus far!

I don’t tend to get alot of free time due to crappy work schedules to really socialise with friends so it would be nice to have someone to ‘talk to’ whilst having a creative outlet. 

So if you feel like I’m somebody you could have lots to talk about with drop me an email and we will go from there!

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