Hello! My name is Svaťa and I’m 17 years old. I come from a small city in a small country Czech republic. Currently I found myself having so much spare time through procrastination I wanted to make some more friends from around the world!

Basically who I am…. I’m an Adventurous, daring artist, that loves everything that stands out and makes people mess their minds. I study graphic design on college/high school and next year I’m gonna graduate. I hate stereotypes and people that fears to show who they really are. 

I’m looking for a penpal that has a similar spirit as me, so we can share our courageous opinions and dream about our lives. I don’t care about gender, age, sexuality or anything, basically feel free to write me an email, If you don’t fear to show your real personality and want to share stuff with me.

Likes: all kinds of Art, reading with a cup of tea, long nights with graphic designing or drawing/painting something, Music in my ears (old Punk bands – Ramones, sex pistols, Blink-182, new hipster music – Years & years, The wombats, the 1975, the neighbourhood, crystal castle, Aurora, Keaton Henson etc.), self-development books, novels about drugs, biographies about artists and mental illnesses (I just find it interesting and most of my works are based on this topic).

Dislikes: instagram, moralists, bad-behaved “children”, city where I live, homophobic people, disrespectful people, motivational quotes about nothing. 

I would like to start with emailing so I know you’re not a total psycho and then we can try to snail mail (if you’re not from america, because that costs me a lot of money to send packages over there, sorry.)

Feel free to contact me! *Emoticon grin*
Contact: faifarantine @ gmail. com

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