Name: Christie (or Chris, whichever you prefer)
Age: 17 
Location: United Kingdom (More specifically, Scotland)
Email: christie14 @ live

I’m super interested in photography, dogs, travel, postcards, making friends and learning about new places. I love learning new languages and I want to learn more about new cultures. I like meeting new people (even though I’m super shy) and I like finding out about other peoples’ backgrounds and where they’re from and what it’s like etc! I also like to read a lot, watch netflix and play the Sims.

I am looking for someone who will talk to me online, but will also send snail mail. I speak fluent english but have a basic grasp on french. I’m looking for someone who’s around the ages of 16-18. If you are interested in snail mail, the more we talk (if you want to) the more I will write as I get more comfortable with you. I don’t mind where in the world you are 🙂

My tumblr is:

Random fact: I enjoy going to concerts and have lost count of how many I have actually been too since 2011!

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