Lauren, 20- Texas, USA

Hello! My name is Lauren, and honestly, I’m just looking for someone to write snail mail to. If e-mail really is the best way of communication then that’s fine, I’ve just always have been interested in writing to people and sending gifts and getting to know someone that way.

I’m really only looking for a friendship, someone I can confide in about what’s going on in my life and someone that can feel like they can do the same with me. I would like to have a long term pen pal, I really like the idea of knowing someone is consistently on the other end. I would love for it to be really casual and spontaneous, just something that we both feel excited about and what not. But yeah, that’s kind of what I’m looking for!

More about me, I’m 20, I go to the University of Texas at Austin, and my interests are in communication, classical singing, and photography. I really love writing as well, any kind really:) I want to eventually travel the world and am hoping to become an opera singer singer one day (crossing my fingers) so hopefully that will go hand in hand. I really enjoy Doctor Who, How to Train Your Dragon, the Decoy Bride, the Walking Dead, and Pirates of the Caribbean (to name a few movies and shows). My favorite book is How the Red Fern Grows and my favorite book series is Across the Universe.

Hopefully this helps give you a better understanding as to who I am! I’m really open to anyone, I do have to say I’d prefer a pen pal close to my age, just because we may understand each other a little more as far as struggles and life experiences. My email is greeneyes1101@gmail.com. Message me if you’d like to start mailing each other!:)

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