Hello World! My name is Ellis, I’m a 19 year old English guy living in Australia. 

I have had a pen pal of sorts for just over 6 months and I love it and we’ve become great friends. I really, really like pen pals, and decided to search for another.

I’m looking for a pen pal around my age (17-22) who speaks English (unfortunately I know no foreign languages). I’m not particularly fussed about gender or location, but I’m uber fascinated with the USA, Canada, Ireland and the Scandinavian countries. Basically I want someone who I can talk in depth with about all things.

Likes – Cooking, Acting, Theatre, Writing, Adventures, Reading, Marvel, DC, Tv shows (including Buffy, Vampire Diaries, Originals, Flash, Daredevil, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Fringe, Angel), Movies, Music and learning about the world outside of mine.

Dislikes – Biggotry, Trump, Aussie Politics, Politics in General, Communism (sorry)

I’m looking for a primary social media or email buddy, with the possibility of expanding to letter and package exchange at somepoint. I am a full time Uni student and I work on most of my days off, so my replies may be at odd times, sorry again. Not much of a limit to what I’ll talk about

Tumblr (The best way to contact me) –

– erkinnear @ gmail. com

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