Hi everyone! My name is Alex and I’m 19 (turning 20 in September). I’m from a small city in Germany and i’m obviously looking for a penpal. 🙂

I can speak fluent german, englisch and a bit of russian too.

My perfect pen pal would be someone aged 16-21 and a person I could talk to about basically anything ranging from deep conversations to stories about movies, music, art, tv, cultures, food and and and..

  • I love watching movies from Hungergames, Harry Potter, The perks of being a wallflower and TFIOS to Lord of the rings and Hobbit. 
  • I’m also into tv shows like Game of Thrones, OITNB, Vampire Diaries and Prison Break.
  • I really like music, my absolute favourite band is Panic! At the Disco but I also like the music in the charts and lots of other stuff.
  • I’m also into reading, writing and travelling too! 
  • I love to meet new people.  So if you think we may get along then feel free to message me. 🙂

My tumblr is:
My instagram is: @amxoxx

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