Hey! I’m 19 and live on a small island called isle of Wight at the bottom of England 🙂 it gets really boring here especially in winter so finding people to talk to would be awesome

I love many things including camping which I do regularly, hiking and the outdoors. I also love books and videogames such as grand theft auto and red dead redemption. I spend a lot of time on Netflix haha so I am a fan of movies and t. v. my favourite movies are disney, marvel and harry potter. Tv shows I’d say I enjoy the most including pretty little liars, how I met your mother, Friends, orange is the new black and brooklyn nine nine. I love dogs and would like to have loads in the future haha. I am interested in travelling so would like to speak to people from anywhere in the world, always great to add new places to my travelling list!

My tumblr is-

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