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Hello!! My name is Bethany and I am a 16 year old (turning 17 in March) from England. I am just looking for someone to talk to online, around the same age as me (15-19) and ideally from a different country to me, a bonus if you speak another language as well as English because I am really keen on learning languages and I really want to travel to lots of other countries to because I love the change in culture and climate and just the fun of it!! I have learned a bit of French, but I am eager to learn any other language too, so if we become friends I hope you will be able to help me learn your language! I am also looking for someone to just chat to, I’m a great listener if you feel like ranting or need advice or just a friend to talk to, but I am looking for someone who shares these following interests (become fandom buddies!!) with me and is keen to discuss or fangirl over them!

MUSIC: Music is a very big part of my life; I play several instruments but I love just listening to music (I literally listen to music 24 hours of the day!!) and like to explore new artists, so I will listen to your fave artists too! My absolute favourite artist who I fangirl over (and also have a Tumblr blog dedicated to him, no biggie) is Ed Sheeran, so if you are a Sheerio hit me up immediately!! Other artists I like include James Bay, Jack Garratt, George Ezra, Hozier, Jamie Lawson, The Weeknd, Passenger, Saint Raymond, Foy Vance, Rizzle Kicks, The 1975, Troye Sivan (this list could go on forever, and these are just the people I listen to regularly, there are many more I listen to!!)
BOOKS: Harry Potter, Divergent series, The Hunger Games, books by John Green
TV SHOWS: American Horror Story, Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon A Time and a couple others
FUTURE: At the moment, I am studying for my A Levels taking Maths, Further Maths, Biology and Chemistry. I am really interested in medicine and hope to go into Biochemical Engineering or Pharmaceutical Science one day (as you can see I’m just a *little* bit nerdy, but hey what’s wrong with that)

I hope you like the sound of me! I can be quite shy in person or when we first start talking, but once you get to know me I’m a little bit crazy!! If we have some common interests and you want to chat, contact me via my Tumblr account and maybe we can use other social media once we begin talking, and maybe even a couple of snail mail letters here and there or even some parcels with little things like sweets or something!! Tumblr: @snazzy-edsheeran

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