Hello, my name is Nikita but you may call me Nikki if you wish. I am 20 years old. I live in Brooklyn, New York. I am currently taking a year off of college. My major is Liberal Arts into Human Services. I used to be an active volunteer with Animal Care and Control, giving dogs of all sizes and ages walks. I have a pet morkie [yorkie/maltese mix]. I enjoy journaling, writing, going out with friends. I spend to much time on tumblr and youtube. I love watching beauty and gaming videos. My favorite youtubers are Jaclyn Hill, Zoella, Achievement Hunters, Lifesimmer, people like that. My favorite music is, Latin, Rock/Alternative Rock, and Pop. I prefer writing and reading in English, even though I’m trying to expand my Spanish. I would like a pen pal from the ages of 18 – 25, gender doesn’t matter. I would prefer someone from somewhere in the US but i wouldn’t mind international. This is my first time ever trying pen pals and I would like to do this for a long time.

You may message me here on tumblr at nikkionic.tumblr.com or even at my email nikitaperez1996@yahoo.com

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