Name: Sarah
Lives: Noblesville, Indiana (USA).
Age: 23 years old (almost 24!!!!!!!!)

and a nurse. I’ve recently gotten back from college in Chicago and now being back I have more free time and I am interested in having some pen pals. 

I’m currently obsessing over Hamilton the American Musical but I’m a big fan of different kinds of music. They range from Country to Pop Punk. I’m an avid concert goer and I read a lot. Like a lot a lot. I’m open to a lot of different things and willing to learn about new hobbies people have. (I’m quite boring due to my love of reading.)

I am also doing a sort of project where I cover the states with postcards sent from the particular state so If you’d like to help let me know! I’d be a wonderful help. 


  • Huskies
  • Hamilton
  • Traveling (i’ve just made my first trip overseas to Ireland and it was amaaazing!)
  • photography
  • concerts
  • pizza
  • reading/books


  • heights

I’m here for Snail mail generally because I love handwritten letters that are not typed and printed. 

If you are interested you can email me at:
sarahjstraley @ yahoo . com
or you can message me on my tumblr
( )

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