Searching for likeminded penpals and friends


Hi, Im Hayley I am 28 and based in the UK. I guess probably everyone here can relate to wanting to meet more like minded people. 

A bit about me: I love anything second hand/vintage, enjoy a good documentary, deep conversations. I also enjoy a variety of music, dancing the night away and exploring new and exciting places. I am an inclusive and inter sectional feminist who doesn’t tolerate racism or any hate towards the lgbtqa community. Below are some more specifics on my fave things.

  • Films: Scott Pilgrim, Dead Poets Society, Mysterious Skin, Dear White People, Dogma
  • TV: Game of Thrones, Bloodline, Criminal Minds, The Real Housewives (I know but we all enjoy a bit of trashy tv), Extreme Cheapskates, The Real…im always searching for recommendations. 
  • Books: Now…im bad at reading..i have quite a scattered mind and often find I get distracted, but my faves ive read are Cannibals of Candyland, Veronica Decides to Die and 1984. I also read a lot of psychology books for my degree. 

Small random fact…apparently my ancestors are french gypsies. 

So if you are empathetic, thrifty and creative person who loves learning and experiencing other cultures we will surely make firm friends. I don’t care where you are based, or your age really, although it is likely we will gel more if we are of a similar age, snail mail is great, but so is email whatever is best. 

So if you are interested inbox me
or at wycd1987  @

Thanks 🙂

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