Looking for someone to exchange letters


Katie | nineteen | Washington, US (the state)

Hi all! My name’s Katie and I’m looking for a snail mail penpal. Someone to exchange hand written letters, drawings, postcards, and the like. I’d really like a female penpal, maybe 17-21, but if that doesn’t describe you and you’re interested feel free to message me too! 

A little about me, I’m a public health major, trilingual (English, Spanish, Portuguese), and generally a pretty positive person.

Interests: watercolors, historical fiction, makeup, baking, ballet, musical theater (watching), sketching, calligraphy, puppies (that’s an interest and I’m sticking to it) 

Dislikes: running, Donald Trump

If any of this interests you, shoot me a message! I prefer tumblr asks (I’ve been getting a lot of email spam lately so it takes me a while to sift through it, but I’ll respond to those too!). 

puddlemoreunited @ gmail. (com)

Oh! Fun fact: Despite what those “tricky” internet posts from middle school said, I CAN lick my elbow. 

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