Hey! I’ve been on here before but after a few letters most people stop responding :/ Here’s hoping I have better luck this time. 

Hello I am Leslie and I am 24 and I live in Texas, USA. I can speak fluent English and Spanish

I like: criminal shows, horror and indie movies, 2 Broke Girls, thunderstorms, purple, thrift shopping, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, music, candles, pandas, coffee, traveling, Wonder Woman (comic book based movies and whatnot), collecting mugs,and books

I dislike: rudeness, seafood and the sound of boxes scraping together

I’m looking for a friend, someone to send snail mail to and maybe small knickknacks here and there. I have no gender preference and as for age I’d like 18+. I’d prefer someone within the country mostly because I have hectic schedule and I won’t be able to send out letters outside the U.S as consistently as I’d like. But if you feel like we’d be awesome pen pals and you live outside of the country I’d be down for corresponding. 

You can reach me at:

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