Hi, my name is Rebecca. I’m 23 years old, gender-weird but definitely feminine, and I live in Ontario, Canada. I’m applying because I really like the idea of two strangers becoming very close via written correspondence. I’m looking for someone who wants an open and fresh relationship with someone they have never met.

I’m interested in justice, politics, culture, psychology, and media. I studied psychology and cultural studies in university. Right now, I’m doing the classic 20-something thing of figuring out how to balance the bill-paying with the career-building with the having-a-life. The rest of it… well, I want to get to know each other in our letters.

In terms of more practical expectations, I’m looking for a snail mail partner. I’d prefer someone who can write in English, but I’m willing to practice my French as well. Anyone, of any age is fine. Gender doesn’t matter, nor does location, but I’d like it to be somewhere kind of far away or different.

To contact me, message me on tumblr ( )
or email (rebecca.extras (at) gmail (dot) com)

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