Hello! My name is Rosie, I’m 19 years old (20 in April), and I live in the United Kingdom. 

I’m currently studying Literature and Linguistics at the University of Worcester. 
I write poetry, I love reading, burlesque, Lush, drag (I live for Rupaul’s drag race), Peach Ice Tea, Netflix, murder documentaries and makeup. I’m really into body positivity, and I take great interest in plus size fashion and beauty. 

I would like a penpal, because I want to make new friends, I love writing letters and sending small trinkets/photos. I’d also love to snapchat you in between letters. 

I don’t really mind if your interests aren’t exactly the same as mine, just as long as you’re a lovely person, that’s all that matters. I’m also happy to send letters anywhere in the world. 

If you want to contact me, you can hit me up on my Tumblr:
 Or my email: 
rosiemc134 @

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