¡Hola a todos! 
Hi everyone!
Ciao a tutti!

About me: My name is Andrea (but you can call me Andy). I’m 18 and I’m from Mazatlán, Mexico. I’m currently studying international trade and business, learning Italian and also I am perfecting my English.

I’d love to find a penpal (or maybe two, or three, or as many as I can) from around the world. I’m obsessed about learning new things and knowing more new cultures. I think communicate in other languages is the most amazing thing that a human can do. It’s seriously incredible. So it would be very lovely if I could find a penpal and exchange some mails and learn about eachother’s cultures.

Random things I like:

  • Long walks, especially in my city pier.
  • Meeting new people, and learning about them.
  • Sea.
  • Traveling to new places.
  • Languages! I LOVE hearing people talking in other languages, even if I don’t understand haha.
  • Any kind of flowers.
  • Sending postcards.
  • Hiking and camping.
  • Elephants.
  • Greek mythology.
  • Philosophy.
  • Stone and sea shells.
  • Art.

Random facts:

  • Lepidopterophobic: HUGE FEAR OF BUTTERFLIES.
  • I have an obsession on four leaf clovers.

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