Hey, I’m Agne. I’m a Lithuanian living in the UK. I study Photography at University and work on the side, so my free time is non existant so it would be nice to write letters again.


  • Photography – I’m a massive fan of analogue photography and that’s my main area of practise. I am working with alternative processing at the moment. 
  • Reading – I read a number of different books but my favourite genres are crime/detective, slight fantasy and books with a lighearted feel. I also love the Adventure Time comics and Asterix & Obelix.
  • Travelling – I think this is everyones interest! I love to see the world and visit new places. I’m hoping my next big trip will be to California. I’m in love with Iceland and so if you’re interested in that, talk to me because that’s all I can think about.
  • Video games – Been playing non stop for the last 8 years. I’m into WoW, League of Legends, some Hearthstone. Otherwise I love the Lara Croft series (Just finished the newest game), various indie games and puzzle games. I have too many games on Steam.
  • Other than what’s listen above, I like to collect postcards, stationary, knick knacks.

If you’re interested, please drop me a message. I’d prefer to write to people 18+.

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