My names steven 24 years old from Long Island New York USA.

I read, write and enjoy horror movies, tattoos and piercings, autumn and halloween and spooky things. I try and learn new things, either form life experience  or pouring over yellow paged books, i enjoy my solitude surrounded by my books and records or hunched over my typewriter until the early hours of the morning before watching the sunrise and go to sleep. After nights of spending time alone i enjoy to go out and party with friends and get into some hijinks, so i guess you can say I’m an extroverted introvert. 

Sadly a lot of people around me are not into the same things as i am and its hard to connect with someone and i would enjoy to just find someone who i can open up too and be bale to vent to someone who is open minded and non judgmental and we can become good friends over time, sharing secrets and passions and create a safe space for each other to come too when we need to vent or want to have a meaningful conversation about aliens or trees or the human mind, 

I would enjoy to send incense and mix tapes and pictures of ourselves or of around the place of where we live ( i could send picture of the beaches near me during sunrises and sunsets) but can also talk of weird things as well, but just be there if we need to lean an ear, while we get to know eachcother over time. 

email: stevenbtdmt1 @
Snapchat : stevenbtdmt2
instagram: stevenbtdmt1

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