GODZILLA! aha, now that i have your attention…


nuqneH (for all the Star Trek fans)
My name is Gemma but most people call me Jay (i have no idea why) i am from sunny old England where it rains an awful lot
I am somewhat old fashioned as some people would call it, i love to bake, write letters, read, write fiction, i have my own allotment which is my world in the summer, when i am not gardening i love to paint and crochet and when i have time design and make my own clothes.
I love movies especially anything from the Marvel world, i adore Star Trek and have dreams of going to comic-con one day.
I am also very childish and i honestly don’t care what people think, if i want a minion balloon i will proudly walk around with one
THE RAIN! I just love it i think  it is beautiful and i love to just stand out in it, they way it silences everything else out, ah! Thunderstorms, i love them as well (i have no idea what the neighbours think of me when they see me running around in the back garden like a nutter).
My dress sense can sometimes be questionable one day i will look like Mary Poppins the next i will be wearing my toothless t-shirt/unicorn backpack combo. I have used ‘My name is Inigo Montoya you killed my father, Prepare to die’ surprisingly in many suitable situations (usually involving me wielding a stick).
My favourite time of the year is Halloween as it is acceptable for me to dress up and decorate the whole house for all the local kids, this years theme is Egypt (yes i already have this years planned).
I love photography and always send photos in my letters when i can along with all sorts of bits and bobs.
Another one of my hobbies is i study the Titanic and the history of it, sadly i am yet to meet another who shares my obsession with it.
Oh and i am also a HUGE tea person and i collect tea from all over the world, it would be great to find someone i can swap teas with.
I am also learning Spanish so it would be great to write to someone who speaks Spanish.
I have a delightfully long list of phobias but i think the worst are – spiders, ants, clowns and people in animal costumes (Disney is a nightmare for me)
I could ramble on for ages on here but i do need to finish this post sometime today, oh one more quick thing i think my music tastes are summed up with these three artists – FOB, Adam Lambert & Seth Lakeman
Right ok, Live long and Prosper (i literally just did the ‘hand thing’ i am so lame sometimes)
Here is the best email to get me on currently – info@fortnumstilestudio.co.uk

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